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Tooth Extractions in Socorro, NM

Tooth Extractions in Socorro, NM

Tooth extraction is the removal of a tooth. The reasons for extraction vary. When medically necessary, extractions are generally simple procedures. To determine whether they need an extraction, we recommend patients schedule a consultation with our dentist and discuss treatment options and procedures.

When Is an Extraction Needed?

If a tooth is severely damaged or decayed, or if the tooth is impacted, tooth extraction is usually necessary. A tooth that is severely infected may also need to be removed. An infection can spread beyond the tooth into the gums, the bones, or other parts of the body, so it’s important to get this infection under control as soon as possible.

Are Extractions Safe?

Extractions are safe and typically straightforward procedures. If you have an infected tooth, it’s imperative that you have it extracted. Leaving an infected tooth in your mouth puts you at risk of losing that tooth as well as exposing the rest of your teeth to infection. If teeth have been heavily restored, removing them may be the safest option.

How Are Extractions Done?

Depending on the number of teeth needing to be extracted, our dentist may schedule one or more appointments for you. Typically, a local anesthetic is used to ensure the tooth and the surrounding tissues are completely numb during the extraction procedure. Our dentist will carefully remove the teeth, being careful not to damage the gums and bone.

Different Types of Extractions

Although tooth extractions can be done for a wide variety of reasons, the most common types of extractions are:

  • Wisdom teeth extraction
  • Impacted tooth extraction
  • Extraction of a tooth with a severe infection or cavity
  • Tooth removal before orthodontic treatment

Aftercare Following Extractions

Once the extraction procedure is finished, we will go over specific aftercare instructions. You’ll need to bite down gently on gauze pads placed over the extraction site. You may need to apply ice to the area to reduce swelling and discomfort. After 24 hours, you should rinse your mouth with salt water (one teaspoon of salt dissolved in eight ounces of water) a few times a day.

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