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Dental X-Rays in Socorro, NM

Dental X-Rays in Socorro, NM

Dental X-rays provide dentists with detailed images of your teeth and bones, allowing them to diagnose common oral health problems.

Dental X-rays are a specific type of medical imaging that uses small doses of radiation to produce images of your teeth, bone, and soft tissue structures. The amount of radiation used for dental X-rays is very small, and the procedure is considered very safe. Dental X-rays should be taken every 2-3 years. The frequency varies depending on the patient’s dental health. If a patient has poor dental health, X-rays should be taken more often.

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Dentistry has generally evolved in the last century from a rather “hit or miss” approach to an advanced stage of science. While there are still many treatments and procedures that are considered “experimental” today, X-rays have been a staple of the profession for a long time. However, since X-rays use radiation, some people worry that they may cause cancer or other health problems. 

X-rays are composed of photons. These light particles bounce off of dental tissues, creating new photons that continue to move through the body. Because they’re light, they can’t penetrate the skin. A dental X-ray is focused so that the body isn’t exposed to a large volume of radiation. Some patients worry about the safety of X-ray machines, but dental X-ray machines have been thoroughly tested and are safe to use. X-rays are monitored for radiation output during use. This helps to ensure safety.

Uses of Dental X-Rays

  • Dental X-rays are routinely used for dental implant placement surgery to identify any issues with the jawbone. If too much bone is missing, bone grafting surgery may be necessary before the dental implant procedure can be completed.
  • X-rays are also commonly used to detect the presence of cavities that are underlying the enamel.
  • For root canal therapies, we use dental X-rays to map the positioning of the root canal cavity and carry out the procedure without any hassle.
  • They are also used actively to check for tooth damage or excessive wear.

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